Cartridge Case, unprimed brass, .44-77 Sharps Rifle, for Shiloh Sharps & new rifles
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Cartridge Case, unprimed brass, .44-77 Sharps & Remington, for Shiloh Sharps, C. Sharps, and other new rifles.

The .44-77 cartridge was the most popular cartidge in the early American West, until the advent of the .45-70 Government, in 1873. It was widely chambered in original Sharps rifles, Remington Rolling Block rifles, and other single shot rifles. An early bottleneck cartridge, only two loading dies are required.

Recent research and surveys of antique Remington Rolling Block Rifles indicates that Remington cut .44-77 chambers to headspace correctly with .090" thick rims, despite publications indicating .087" rims. These cases are made with .087" rims, to fit new made Shiloh Sharps and other new rifles correctly.

Use the #Lee-Shell-17 shell holder, sold separately, or the RCBS brand shell holder.

Very similar to the .43 Spanish and .43 Spanish Reformado cartridge, these do not interchange.

Not sure which chamber you have? We recommend using our #CERROSAFE low temperature Bismuth alloy, to make a chamber cast. It melts at the temperature of hot water. The work is easy, safe, and will instantly reveal which chamber you have, when you compare the dimensions to those shown in Cartridges of the World, sold separately. It can also be used to measure bore and groove diameter, remove stuck cases after head separation, and many other uses.

This cartridge is essentially identical to the .43 Spanish, except the .43 Spanish uses a .439" bullet, while the .44-77 uses a .446" bullet. Many antique rifles have slightly oversize bores, which will require very soft lead bullets, which expand to fit the bore, or slightly oversize bullets to fit correctly, for best accuracy. Many antique .44-77 rifles have .450" or .451" diameter grooves. New made rifles generally have .446" grooves.

Contact us if you need help finding the correct bullet.
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