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Muzzleloader magazine JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2021 issue. The publication for traditional black powder shooters.

  • Letters From Our Readers
  • Doin' It Yourself Making a Homespun Bearded Sporran - T.C. Albert
  • Shooting the Bull Lyman's New Great Plains Rifle - Mike Nesbitt
  • Cache of the Hollow Tree Rendezvous in a Blizzard - Tony Hunter
  • Dispatches from New England A Reluctant Leader - The Tragedy of Daniel Shays, Part II - Anarchy and Confusion - Vincent C. Spiotti
  • 18th Century Traveler "One Toboggan on Which Every Man Puts His Food and Baggage - Matt Wulff
  • Portals in Time Tales That bear Telling, Part I - The Wrought Iron Bear - Mark Sage
  • On the Game Trail One Season's Journey: The 2018 Late Deer Season - Dave Caplinger
  • The Masterful Hornwork of Tim Sanner - Mike Beliveau
  • Quick Release Accoutrements - Dr. Gregg Condon
  • Militia in the West: The Arika Campaign of 1823 - Donald Wade Davis
  • A Sight from Your Pocket - Stan Lance
  • Classified Ads
  • Index of Display Advertisers
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