bullets, .459" diameter, 535 grain, Lyman's Postell, lubrcated, for .45-70 and .45 Sharps single shot rifles, tray of 50
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Packed in a hard plastic tray of 50 bullets, to insure safe delivery, these bullets are Lyman's popular Postell bullet, sized .459" diameter, lubricated for black powder hand loads.

The Postell bullet has a slight taper to the nose, allowing it to seat fairly far forward in tight chambered guns, such as the Shiloh Sharps and othe recent production black powder single shot rifles.

Use this bullet in calibers .45-70 (2.1"), .45-90 (2.4"), .45-100 (2.6"), .45-110 (2-7/8"), and .45-120 (3-1/4").

This round nose bullet must not be used in Winchester or Marlin lever action rifles with tubular magazines. Tubular magazine rifles require flat point bullets, since the bullet must rest and recoil against the primer face of the next cartridge.

We recommend this .459" diameter bullet for rifles with .458" groove diameters, such as the Shiloh Sharps, C. Sharps, and rifles made with Badger, Green Mountain, and other new made best quality rifle barrels. It is our favorite choice in many Pedersoli Sharps, Rolling Block, and Trapdoor rifles, too.

We also offer this bullet sized to .458", ideal for use in Pedersoli Sharps Rifles, Trapdoor Rifles, and Rolling Block Rifles with .457" groove diameter barrels. Nearly all rifles work best with a cast bullet .001" to .003" larger than groove diameter, so check your bore diameter using our #CERROSAFE alloy. An undersize cast bullet will quickly wreck accuracy, causing the bore to be fouled with an invisible lead film.

Single shot rifles (and probably all others) should be checked for actual chamber length and dimensions. Several customers have reported that Pedersoli .45-70 chambers tend to be a bit longer than the 2.105" published standard, so accuracy may be improved by avoiding case trimming, until actual desired length is achieved.

Sharps Rifles by I.A.B. (Industria Armi Brescia, Italy) vary widely in chamber dimensions and lengths. Each rifle should be chamber cast and measured, before you attempt to hand load cartridges to fit. These IAB rifles are often marked "Pedretti & Sons", EMF, Powder River, ASM, Marcheno, SILE, and other importer names.

Cerrosafe is ideal for making a chamber cast, to determine case length, and throat to rifling geometry.

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