Colt Brevete Revolvers,
by Roy Marcot & Ron Paxton
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At long last the chronically misunderstood COLT BREVETE has been competently and thoroughly studied in this comprehensive treatise. BREVETE, the Belgian/French word for patent, can be found marked on many licensed (and unlicensed) antique counterparts and duplications of Samuel Colt's Hartford made percussion revolvers. This book is a comprehensive study of hundreds of mid-19th Century copies of Colt's percussion revolvers. These firearms were both authorized by the Colt factory or were outright infringements of Colt's patents. Accompanying the text are hundreds of photos with detailed facts for every revolver shown. This book has been endorsed by the American Society of Arms Collectors.

Printed on fine paper, hard bound in 12-1/4" x 10-1/4" format with 361 pages, all full color.

The Table of Contents includes the following:
  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1: The History & Development of Colt Brevete Revolvers
  • Chapter 2: Chronological History of Colt Brevet Revolvers
  • Chapter 3: Colt Brevete Revolvers - Important Considerations
  • Chapter 4: Colt Brevete Paterson Revolvers
  • Chapter 5: Colt Brevete Walker Revolvers
  • Chapter 6: Colt Brevete Dragoon Revolvers
  • Chapter 7: Colt Brevete Baby Dragoon Revolvers
  • Chapter 8: Colt Brevete Model 1849 Pocket Revolvers
  • Chapter 9: Colt Brevete Wells Fargo Revolvers
  • Chapter 10: Colt Brevete 1851 Navy Revolvers
  • Chapter 11: Other Colt Brevete Revolver Models
  • Chapter 12: Colt Brevete Revolvers made in other Countries
  • Chapter 13: Confederate Copies of Colt Revolvers
  • Chapter 14: Brooklyn Bridge Colt Brevete Revolvers
  • Chapter 15: Unusual Colt Brevete Revolvers
  • Chapter 16: Transitional Revolvers
  • Chapter 17: Makers of Colt Brevete Revolvers
  • Chapter 18: Colt Brevete Revolver Barrel Markings
  • Bibliography
  • Index

ISBN: 978-0-9611494-2-6
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