Stock, Kit Carson Hawken, pre-inlet,
1" barrel, Jim Bridger lock, plain walnut
Part Number: STK-KC-16-W1
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Kit Carson’s Hawken rifle features a one inch barrel channel, to build a moderate weight rifle. Not recommended as a first project, assembly of a Hawken rifle requires skilled use of a drill press, file fitting of the lock to plug, and the installation of an under rib. About 14-1/4” trigger reach, about 4” drop to line of sights. Forend is 16” long, butt end is 4-1/2 x 1-7/16”. Pre-cut for our late Hawken buttplate. Precision machine inlet for a 1” octagon barrel, our Jim Bridger Hawken lock, breech plug, tang, double set trigger, entry pipe, sideplate inlay, slotted oval wedge key inlays, and toeplate. The hole for 7/16” rod is drilled full depth.

The stock is pre-inlet to accept the 1" hooked breech and tang, #PLUG-RL-16-3. The Kit Carson stock has a fully shaped forend, with hole for a 7/16” ramrod, drilled full depth. Ramrod entry pipe is pre-inlet. Trigger mortise is pre-inlet to accept the Ron Long designed double lever double set triggers. The toe is pre-inlet to accept the beavertail toeplate. Shaped with a beaver tail cheek piece. The lock panels are pre-inlet for the late Hawken sideplate and the lock bolt hole is indicated. The oval escutcheons for the keys are pre-inlet into the stock. Inlet for our right hand Jim Bridger’s Hawken percussion lock, #LOCK-JB-R. This rifle can be build in percussion ignition only.

Specifications for pre-inlet stocks:
  • Drop and trigger reach: drop is 4" from the line of sights to heel, at 14-1/4" of pull
  • Barrel channel size: 1" straight octagon
  • Breech plug: #PLUG-RL-16-3 1" percussion hooked breech plug & tang
  • Butt end: 1-7/16" wide by 4-1/2" high, cut for buttplate
  • Buttplate: #BP-HAWK-L-B wax cast brass #BP-HAWK-L-I wax cast steel
  • Lock, flint: none available
  • Lock, percussion: #LOCK-JB-R Jim Bridger Hawken Rifle, right hand percussion lock
  • Oval escutcheons: #IN-SLOT-2-B brass #IN-SLOT-2-I steel
  • Ramrod hole & groove: 7/16" diameter, drilled full depth
  • Ramrod entry pipe: #RP-HAWK-E-7-B wax cast brass #RP-HAWK-E-7-I wax cast steel
  • Sideplate: #SP-HLB-B brass or #SP-HLB-I steel
  • Toeplate: #TP-TC-H-B brass or #TP-TC-H-I steel
  • Triggers: #TR-PA-20 Hawken double lever double set triggers
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