Antique Wall or Naval Deck-Rail Gun,
.95 caliber 26" steel barrel with flared muzzle,
English walnut, brass trim, steel swivel yoke,
flint lock marked Cooper & Goodman
Part Number: AAK-273
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Essentially a upscaled version of a blunderbuss, this massive smoothbore has a swivel yoke to mount on a wall, or naval ship deck-rail. The furniture is brass with a nice olive patina. The lock has early 19th century British styling with a double throated cock. The barrel and lock have a light aged gray patina. The forged iron ramrod appears to be original.

The lock is marked Cooper & Goodman, and the stock has a Cooper & Goodman, Birmingham cartouche on the buttstock.

Cooper & Co; under Joseph Rock Cooper operated from 1838 - 1863. The company name changed to Cooper & Goodman 1857-1886 and operated from two locations, 32 Woodcock Street and 77 Bagot Street, both in Birmingham. Due to these markings this flint gun would be well into the percussion period. The barrel does have a very, very, faint earlier proof mark at the breech. It is possible that Cooper & Goodman engaged in surplus arms sales, or this was assembled from earlier parts for trade to a Colonial holding.

The barrel is 26" long with a 4" diameter trumpet flare at the muzzle. The large flare was typically designed for use on rolling ships, or carriages where loading would be unstable. The .95 caliber bore while not perfect is in very good condition.
The walnut stock does not appear to have been sanded. It has suffered some wood shrinkage from age. The shrinkage is visible around the edge of the buttplate as well as around the tang of the breech plug.

The buttstock is stamped with a Cooper & Goodman Makers Birmingham in a oval. This marking is identical to those found on Enfield rifled muskets they produced.

Trigger reach is quite long at 15-3/4". This large arm weighs 25 pounds, including the attached swivel yoke.
The stock has a wide buttplate to help spread the felt recoil. The buttstock taper wide into the massive wrist and lock panels. It you look closely the side panel side of the lock panel has some checks in the stock from wood shrinkage drawing down against the barrel.
The buttstock has a rounded toe. The triggerguard is mounted with a combination of pins and screws. The ends of the guard are rounded, and it has aged to a dark patina. The lock panels taper widest at the front as found on very late flint guns and some percussion sporting arms. The stock does have scar from the swivel yoke under the front lock bolt.
This lock is actually very large with a 8-1/2" overall length. The plate is finished bright with a double line engraved border. The wide rounded cock has a double throat to provide strength on this fragile area. This lock has very strong springs and throws a shower of sparks. We recommend our 1-1/4" English flints #FLINT-ENG-10 for use in this lock.

The barrel has a direct drilled vent hole that is well centered on the upper edge of the pan.
The large side panel does not have a side plate and the two large lock bolts are surface mounted. The buttstock has many small handling marks, dents, and dings. Just forward of the yoke the rear most barrel pin has a crack around it from the stock drawing against the stock.

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